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Livin It Devotionals-Time

Big Willie was the type of guy who would do anything you asked of him, even if he wanted to scream every second while he was doing it that he didn’t want to do it.He was the ‘teddy bear’ of our group.The guy you could always count on to lend an ear, a shoulder, or one of the best hugs west of the Mississippi, or in the world for that matter.Big Willie wasn’t my closest friend, but he was far from my most distant.He was the life of the party, the glue of the group, and the least deserving of everything that happened to him.
I became pregnant with my third child right about the time his first was coming up due.Mid way through my pregnancy, his baby was born, and all he could talk about was how proud he was to be the daddy of that child.Every time I saw him, the picture would come out of the wallet.The baby’s mom was struggling with post partum depression on an extreme level, and Big Willie and I had many lengthy talks about it because I also suffered from post partum depression after bot…