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The Dinner Dare-Days 1-3

Day one was a cake walk. I made Apple Baked Chicken, fruit salad, and pasta. we all sat at the table, said grace, and followed the rules. The conversations were great, the kids were happy, and we cleaned up right after. When all was said and done, I relaxed on the couch totally proud that I had accomplished rounding up the family for dinner. My teenager didn't even mind that it was a cell free zone.

Day two was a little harder. With two children in private school across town, one of which is in after school drama that started on day 2 during the time we were going to have family dinner before her doctor's appointment that we couldn't cancel. I have now realized that a plan B needs to be included in the master plan. It was clear that my 13-year-old and I were not going to be home for family dinner. Still, I made turkey veggie casserole and headed out for the evening. At least half of the family could carry on the family dinner. Family Dinner=1, Busy Life=1

Day 3 was …

The Dinner Dare-Preparing for day 1

By now, you should have had a chance to talk to your family about the Dinner Dare. Through the moans and groans, you have made it clear that this is very important to you, and if your family would just take one month out of their busy lives to do something for you, you would appreciate it very much. If you have not done so, take the time to do that tonight, because day #1 is Monday.

Now is the time to start thinking about time management. There are many of us who have families with church, sports, and other activities, so get out your calendar and decide what time dinner should be every night. If you have to be at church on 7 on Wednesday nights, for instance, then dinner should be planned well enough to be done by 5. If on Thursday, your kids have drama until 5, then dinner should be planned well enough to be on the table at 6. Write the dinner times on the calendar every day and highlight them so that your family can clearly see what time they have to be at the table.

For yo…

Just add water

There are a lot of references to filling up your life water bottle on this blog. You'll see it in almost every post, in the explanation section, and off and on, well...everywhere.

Water is the one thing that most of us have a hard time keeping under control. It has always been a problem for me. I've tried a billion different things to remind me to drink my daily allowance, but I was always left with a choice at the end of the day-go to bed dehydrated, or chug the four remaining glasses I am supposed to have today and spend all night walking back and forth to the bathroom. That is not really the work out plan I was intending.

In my spiritual walk, I have also made it a goal to pray 8 times every day. I have always prayed at night, or as the roller coaster got to the top of the first hill, or strapped into the sling shot right before the operator pushed the button that would send me flinging 250 feet into the air at 5 G's, but I was lacking in praying when I didn't ne…

The Dinner Dare-Overview

We've all heard it before: The family that eats dinner together is closer, kids are less likely to get in trouble, try drugs, or commit crimes, and have stronger bonds. We hear it over and over again, yet we still look at our spouses at five o'clock and ask the great American question, "Where do you want to eat?"

Forget the fast food, forget grabbing a pizza on the way home. I'm daring you to be an active part of your family for 30 days. 30 DAYS, that's it. At the end, you'll either love it, or you can go back to eating at Burger King and McDonalds, and at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that for 1 month out of your entire life, you made an effort to have a family dinner.

With every dare, there are rules. This one is no different.

Rule #1-Dinner will only be eaten at the dining room table.
That's right, you read me. All eating is to take place at the table together as a family. That's the whole point of this dare. That means …