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Help find Yashanee Vaughn

Monday, April 11th, 2011-There has been a lot of talk about this missing 14-year-old girl, Yashanee Vaugn who was last seen on Saturday, March 19th eating dinner with a friend at an 82nd avenue Taco Bell. Since the arrest and murder charges against her 16-year-old boyfriend, Parrish Bennette, many people believe that her body must have been found. It has not. Police have evidence against him including evidence that Yashanee died at Bennette’s home, that spawned the arrest. Yashanee is still missing. Search crews have been scouring the Rocky Butte area for further evidence. Please spread the word that she has still not been found, and if you know anything, no matter how small it may seem, please contact the authorities.

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Great times to pray

Here are some great times you can pray about some one who needs your prayers:
At a red lightAfter you wash your handsAfter you put the clothes in the dryer before the next load goes inWhile you're waiting in line at the grocery storeWhile you're sitting at the DMVThat time you sit and wait at the theater before the previews come onWhile you're waiting for the water to boilWhile you're waiting for the kids to tie their shoesIn the waiting room at the doctor's officeTogether with your kids before meals, bedtime, games, recitals, and tripsNow get praying!

Trust me, you're gonna' love it!