Just add water

There are a lot of references to filling up your life water bottle on this blog. You'll see it in almost every post, in the explanation section, and off and on, well...everywhere.

Water is the one thing that most of us have a hard time keeping under control. It has always been a problem for me. I've tried a billion different things to remind me to drink my daily allowance, but I was always left with a choice at the end of the day-go to bed dehydrated, or chug the four remaining glasses I am supposed to have today and spend all night walking back and forth to the bathroom. That is not really the work out plan I was intending.

In my spiritual walk, I have also made it a goal to pray 8 times every day. I have always prayed at night, or as the roller coaster got to the top of the first hill, or strapped into the sling shot right before the operator pushed the button that would send me flinging 250 feet into the air at 5 G's, but I was lacking in praying when I didn't need something in a hurry.

Hmmmm......8 glasses of water.....8 prayers every day....both things I am not very good at....

Suddenly, it hit me! I know, it hit you two paragraphs up, but stick with me here. I decided that in order to fulfill my water and prayer goals that I was going to choose one of my water bottles and make it my life water bottle. Every time I fill it up, I say a prayer before I put the lid on and check it off of my master check list.

As an imperfect human and sinner, I do not fulfill either request every day, but the days I do finish it, I feel great. Since I have opened up my prayer life, I have been blessed at every turn.

So, I suggest you get yourself a life water bottle and fill it up 8 times every day with water and prayer because sometimes to be a better mommy, you just have to add a little water.


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