The Dinner Dare-Days 1-3

Day one was a cake walk. I made Apple Baked Chicken, fruit salad, and pasta. we all sat at the table, said grace, and followed the rules. The conversations were great, the kids were happy, and we cleaned up right after. When all was said and done, I relaxed on the couch totally proud that I had accomplished rounding up the family for dinner. My teenager didn't even mind that it was a cell free zone.

Day two was a little harder. With two children in private school across town, one of which is in after school drama that started on day 2 during the time we were going to have family dinner before her doctor's appointment that we couldn't cancel. I have now realized that a plan B needs to be included in the master plan. It was clear that my 13-year-old and I were not going to be home for family dinner. Still, I made turkey veggie casserole and headed out for the evening. At least half of the family could carry on the family dinner. Family Dinner=1, Busy Life=1

Day 3 was a big improvement. We had old faithful spaghetti with ground turkey. Even with drama running until after 5, dinner went on without a hitch.

Making a major change in your life isn't always easy. You can spend an entire day planning and getting ready, but when the time actually comes, your plan can sometimes turn into a disaster. I have learned that sometimes family dinner doesn't include the entire family, but the fact that I still prepared dinner gave me piece of mind. It was great to know that instead of grabbing fast food and filling my family up with empty calories and fat, they were eating a healthy dinner that I prepared in my own kitchen, and as soon as I got done running around with my kiddo, it was going to be waiting when we got home.

Future planning will include pre-made grab-and-go meals that will help ensure that in the event life gets in the way, we can still have a healthy picnic in the school parking lot.

My goal for tomorrow? The 'Godda Run' picnic kit.

How have your first 3 days gone?


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