Sunshine's Infinite Playlist: Mayday Parade

Yesterday I got the notification that one of my favorite bands is coming to Portland, and they have been pouring from my speakers today every chance I got.

I fell in love with Mayday Parade about a billion years ago (or somewhere in 2006-7 ish) at a Warped Tour concert.  They weren't well known yet, and they walked up to me with a very simple sign that I'm pretty sure was made from a sheet and some sharpies, and one of them said, "We're Mayday Parade.  We love you and we would love it if you would come see us and bring your friends." They told me what time and which stage, and I made a point to be there.  

It was trance-like.  Every single song echoed deep in my soul and I was an instant addict.  Every time they came to town, I made it a point to see them.  My daughter, who was in middle school at the time, made Mayday Parade mixed CD's and they have remained in heavy rotation in my life since then.  

Mayday Parade has just the right amount of hypnotic melody and heart pounding metal. Their lyrics are deep and meaningful and have a direct line to everything my soul has ever experienced.  

Ten years later and seven amazing albums later I still completely love them.  If you haven't listened to Mayday Parade yet, I suggest picking up one of their albums and letting it take you on a ride.  

Right now my favorite songs are Hollow and Hold On To Me.  These videos have been brought to you by the letter H and by the number 2.


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