Weird stuff you can buy from Amazon: Radioactive Uranium

Amazon is the go-to one-click-shopping site for many people all over the world, and if you're looking for that last minute one-of-a-kind gift, they have got you covered.  You are just a few clicks away from having your own radioactive sample of uranium shipped right to your door.

Now, I don't know what actually comes in this little canister, or whether or not you should also order iodine tablets just in case, but I do know that I laughed until I nearly peed myself while reading the customer reviews.

It does come with its own certificate of authenticity, so I can only imagine that this isn't something you want to purchase for your toddler's teething pleasure, and according to the seller, you cannot use it to power your DeLorean to get back in time, but many people are using it to power submarines to look for extinct dinosaurs, and one buyer has created some sort of bird eating roses.

This one is for all you diabolical villains hell bent on taking over the world.  Do take some time to read the reviews.  Trust me, you're gonna' love it!


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