Snow and ice? What the....

Here we are again, facing down another winter storm for the Portland Metro Area.  Are you ready for it?  Most people are cursing the freezing weather, saying things like, "We live in the Northwest because we don't want to freeze to death or burn up!"

True, but let's think back to all of the snow dancing that happened in December when there was a hint that we might see a white Christmas.  Portland snow danced like there was no tomorrow, and guess what?  We did not have a white Christmas, however, now we're looking at a white February.

Soon, the sun will come out, the heat will arrive, and people will forget all about the uncomfortable weather we've had this year and start dreaming of snow dances again.

In the meantime, get ready for another round.  The wind is howling, trees are coming down, and it's not looking super amazing for the next few days.  Buckle up Portland, it's going to be a bumpy ride!!

My weather go-to guy is always Mark Nelson with KPTV.  He's always very accurate and he does't overhype things.  That said, take a look at his blog and you'll see that this is going to be an ice ice baby event.


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